Compliance and ethics

We demonstrate the highest standards of integrity in everything we do. Our engagement with consumers, customers, employees, government officials, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders is driven by our values, beliefs and principles.


Our business is largely self-regulated and we pride ourselves on being an industry leader in Nigeria. We are committed to conducting business in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

We have adopted a risk-based compliance approach which helps us target our resources to those areas where they are most required. This helps us increase efficiency by identifying and assessing non-compliance risks proactively and applying appropriate compliance measures to control these risks.

We use a range of initiatives to embed compliance and ethics across our business, including formal and informal compliance education (e.g. training, workshops and mobile clinics), monitoring, advisory support and breach management.

Convention on Business Integrity

In September 2011 we signed up to the Convention on Business Integrity, underpinning our commitment to good corporate governance, ethical business standards and the values of integrity, honesty and fairness.

Diageo Code of Business Conduct

As part of the Diageo Global group, we adhere to the Diageo Code of Business Conduct (our Code) which guides our daily activities, influencing the way we work, every day, everywhere.

The Code outlines our employees' individual responsibilities, enabling our business to Win with Compliance. In complying with the code, we bring our values to life.

All employees are responsible for compliance with our Code and Diageo policies in addition to all laws, regulations and industry standards. We also expect temporary and contract employees, consultants, agents and any other third party who acts in our name to act in accordance with the principles of the Code. Those who fail to comply with the Code put themselves, their colleagues and the company at risk.

Key Diageo Code Policies, Additional Global Policies and Guidance

In addition to our Code, we are also bound by specific global or Key Code policies, Additional Global Policies and Guidance which provide practical guidance on our corporate and individual responsibilities. Most are specific to certain activities and risk areas.

These governance documents are regularly reviewed to ensure they continue to be relevant to the industry and our stakeholders, and are often more stringent than local laws and regulations.