Guinness Nigeria launches World’s First Guinness Gold Lager

Guinness Nigeria announced the trade launch of Guinness Gold, the first Guinness Gold Lager in the world. The event was held at Oriental Hotel, Lagos.

The brand invited its key distributors, restaurant, and bar owners to be among the first people to experience the new Guinness Gold Lager. The event was also attended by key members of the Guinness Leadership Team, such as Adenike Adebola, Marketing & Innovation Director, Colman Hanna, Supply Chain Director, and Omatsola Barrow, Commercial Director. The guests got to learn how the new lager came to be and had a chance to savour the flavour.

The highlight of the event was the new lager itself, the Guinness Gold. Made of amber and crystal barley malt, the new lager has a rich, amber, golden colour that stands out. The specially selected barley that is grown to international standards, ensures great flavour that brings the promise of golden moments.

Guests were seen enjoying the beer and relishing the experience. One guest shared how he truly felt while he was enjoying a golden moment with his glass of Guinness Gold. Key distributors expressed excitement at the new launch and anticipated high sales of Guinness Gold.

The evening’s entertainment was completed with a live orchestra, a live band and some great food. Guinness Gold is now available in trade and will be available nationwide at a bar near you. Get ready to savour the flavour and experience Golden Moments!