Shareholders services

Your shareholding in Guinness Nigeria entitles you, as a part owner of the company, to certain rights.


Share information

Your shareholding in Guinness Nigeria entitles you, as a part owner of the company, to certain rights. These include the right:

  • to vote at general meetings, either in person or by proxy
  • to receive dividends on your ordinary shares
  • to receive certain company documents, for example the annual reports and accounts and the Annual General Meeting documents each year
  • to attend and speak at general meetings.

If you do not have your name on the shareholder register because you hold your shares through a nominee, your nominee will receive any company documents sent to shareholders. You need to make arrangements with your nominee if you wish to receive such documents and to be able to attend and, on a poll, vote at general meetings.

Share certificates

Your Guinness Nigeria share certificate is evidence of your shareholding in the company and should be kept in a safe place. If you hold your Guinness Nigeria shares through a nominee account or through the Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) you will not have a share certificate. The nominal or ‘par’ value of a company’s shares is shown on the share certificate. The current nominal value of Diageo’s ordinary shares is 50k each.

If you have a question about your certificate(s) (including the replacement of lost certificates or the consolidation of several certificates into one) or if you have a question on your shareholding, then please contact the Guinness Nigeria Registrars:

Veritas Registrars Limited
Plot 89A, Ajose Adeogun Street
Victoria Island

Shareholder queries

If you have any questions about your shareholding or if you require any other guidance (e.g. to notify a change of address or to give dividend instructions to a bank account), please contact our Registrars at the address shown above. All requests to amend account details must be made in writing to the Registrars.

Unclaimed dividends and share certificates

Shareholders have been informed that some dividend warrants and share certificates have been returned to the Registrar’s office unclaimed because the addresses could not be traced. All affected shareholders should please contact the registrars at the address indicated above in respect of share certificates.

If you have queries in respect of unclaimed dividends, please contact:

The Company Secretariat and Registered Office
Guinness Nigeria Plc
24, Oba Akran Avenue
Ikeja, Lagos
Phone: +234 (1) 2709100
Fax: +234 (1) 2709338

Changes in personal circumstances

You should advise the Registrars in writing of any of the following:

  • Change of address
  • Change of name
  • Change in bank details if your dividends are mandated
  • If a shareholder dies.