Skills for Life

In addition to the mini water works projects across the country, Guinness Nigeria has extended the water of life project further by enabling farmers to irrigate their farmland thereby increasing their capacity and income.

Northern Nigeria is well suited for irrigated horticulture. The region has a long history of irrigated agricultural production using slow labour intensive, traditional water lifting methods such as hand dug wells, ropes and buckets.

Unfortunately during the growing season, not only is labour available for water lifting in short supply but also most producers cannot afford the alternative gasoline powered pumps with its initial high investment, maintenance and operating costs.

Between 2006 and 2008 Guinness Nigeria worked to help these farmers by introducing and disseminating low cost, high capacity human powered water pumps, called Guinness Amfani Pumps, and installing hand drilled tube wells to increase the versatility of the treadle pumps. The project represented an investment of N13.2 million for Guinness Nigeria. The programme was implemented by the American Non-Governmental Organisation, Enterprise Works.

Over an 18-month period, the company worked through two growing seasons in three adjacent states in Northern Nigeria (Katsina, Kano, Kaduna) and has helped farmers to get water up to seven times faster than they used to.

These farmers are irrigating up to half a hectare of land with a single pump, earning as much as $1,500 during the period, doubling the average annual household income. The project has benefited over 800 farmers and their extended families. It has also contributed about $200,000 to artisans trained to manufacture and distribute the pumps.

Quotes from beneficiaries :

“We are grateful to Guinness Nigeria for selecting our community in the first phase of this project.”

Emir of Zaria

“Thanks to Guinness, we now have enough resources for our domestic needs and the paying of our children’s school fees. We have also invested the money we realised from this project in the building of houses, buying of cars and other valuable things including rearing of livestock.”

Gemu Mai Amalanke, Local artisan

“The interesting thing about the Guinness Amfani pump project is that the technology is community-based as our local welders are trained to produce them at affordable prices.”

Tasiu Suleiman, Chairman Dutsi Local Government Council, Katsina State

“Before the introduction of the Guinness Amfani Pump, we were without work during the dry season but this time around things have changed for the better.”

Kollo Sanda, Local farmer

“The use of the Amfani pump has not only helped the dry season farmers but it has encouraged those who are not engaged in dry season farming to start doing so.”

Yahaya Abdullahi, artisan