The company first recognized the urgent need for improved eye care and healthcare delivery to the people of Nigeria as far back as 1963. Hence it decided to build eye hospitals in the country dedicated to the total well-being of Nigerians.

The first Guinness Eye Hospital was built and commissioned in Kaduna in 1963, coinciding with the official opening of the company’s first brewery in Ikeja, Lagos.

Following from its success, and in order to ensure that more Nigerians benefit from easy access to quality eye care, the company went further to establish similar eye hospitals at Onitsha in 1984 and Lagos in 1992. The Guinness Eye Centre Lagos, is located within the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), and the Guinness Eye Centre Onitsha, Anambra State was established in 1991 and operates under the Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital. The success of these eye hospitals in providing ophthalmic services to people from all parts of Nigeria and beyond and in the training of medical students, resident doctors, nurses and community health officers, has justified the vision of the company’s founding fathers in establishing the eye care centers.

Impact of the eye clinic on the community,

• 300000 people treated annually

• Over 5000 school pupils visually screened annually

• Over 500 medical students and community health workers trained annually

• Hospitals accredited by West African College of surgeons for postgraduate training in Ophthalmology.

Guinness Nigeria has continued to maintain and support two of these Guinness Eye Hospitals in Onitsha and Lagos to ensure they continue to be centers of excellence of eye care in the country.


Our policy in Guinness Nigeria Plc is to encourage healthy lifestyle that would ensure that our employees are not exposed to risks associated with the disease. We do this through constant training and provision of materials as preventive measures. In addition, we have entrenched strict confidentiality and medical care for any employee and his family that is infected by the disease.

We shall continue to provide equal opportunities for all our employees irrespective of their health status, and look forward to supporting all attempts to raise awareness on the HIVAIDS pandemic in our community.