Titilola Alabi



A quote that describes you

‘’Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe’’ – Oprah Winfrey

Which of the Guinness Nigeria values resonates more closely to you? and why?

That will be the ‘’ freedom to succeed’’. It exemplifies the true entrepreneurial spirit that drives our business and how that provides an opportunity for each employee to truly express themselves in their role.

Which is your best Guinness Nigeria brand? And why?

Oh… definitely, Dubic Malt. The rich silky taste is undeniable, it sets it apart from other drinks in its category.

How would you describe the work culture & environment?

Two words.  Extremely fast paced and exciting!

Why did you join GN and how would you describe a career in Guinness?

I joined Guinness because of its strong reputation as one of the best places to work and my journey so far has been interesting. It’s also been a learning curve as I had various opportunities to work and collaborate on projects outside Sustainability.

What do you think about our Sustainability & Responsibility ambition & programs?

Our sustainability agenda drives every part of our business and is one of our strongest selling points as a company; This is demonstrated in every aspect of the business, from the way we source our ingredients to the way our brands are produced at the factories and even reflects in the high self-regulatory standards (through the Diageo Marketing Code) we apply when we market these brands to consumers. Ours is simply an ethos that seeks to create value for everyone.

Describe what it means to you leading the Sustainability & AIS agenda.

One of the most interesting aspects of my role is leading the alcohol in society agenda, this involves helping people understand how alcohol can be part of a balanced lifestyle. This is achieved through the different programs we run such as SMASHED that addresses underage drinking, the responsible drinking awareness programs targeted at commercial motorists and targeted campaigns in underserved communities around the country on how to enjoy alcohol responsibly.

On the other hand, the sustainability aspect helps to tell our story on how we run our operations in an environmentally friendly way and the social footprints we create through our value chain. And so whether it’s through our Water of Life projects that provide clean and safe water to underserved communities across the country, or the local farmers that we train and financially support in the areas where we source, or the amazing stories of change that come from the women who are part of our post-consumer recycling programs, It’s simply the sheer fulfillment that comes from being part of a company that is impacting lives in significant ways.