Adesanya Olusanya

Adesanya Olusanya


A member of the Commercial Team, managing a sales area in the East Region. Sanya, as he is popularly known, is responsible for smooth operations of commercial activities in his sales area, which include; driving the achievement of volume and market share targets, ensuring brilliant execution of all promotional activities, coaching and training team members and leading the company’s interface with channel partners, customers, consumers and shoppers every day.

Sanya is a professional salesman with work experience in different units of the Commercial Function at Diageo, such as, Retail Sales, Wholesale Account Management, Distributor Management, and Commercial Operations. Prior to joining the company in 2013, he worked with Next Retail in the United Kingdom.

A graduate of Economics from the University of Lagos, Sanya also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Economics and Management from the University of Aberdeen and a CPD in Management & Foresight from University of Oxford. With a rich background and experience in data analysis, he is an expert in business analytics and insight generation.

Sanya enjoys playing tennis and reading business journals in his spare time.