Responsible Drinking

Beverages containing alcohol have been consumed for thousands of years. Treated responsibly, alcohol is associated with enjoyment and celebration. We are proud of the role our brands play in the lives of so many Nigerian people but we also acknowledge that excessive or inappropriate patterns of alcohol consumption may cause health and social problems. Such issues should be seen in context alongside the benefits of alcohol production; including tax revenues, employment and business creation as well as the pleasure that responsible drinking brings to many adults.

We want to lead our industry in promoting responsible drinking and combating alcohol misuse. Our approach to this is based on three key principles:

  • Work to world-class standards for responsible marketing and product innovation
  • Combat alcohol misuse, working with others on initiatives to reduce alcohol-related harm
  • Seek a shared understanding of responsible drinking.

Our actions in promoting responsible drinking are occasionally greeted with skepticism: why would a brewing company wish to encourage people to consume less of its products? The answer is simple. First, we want to do what we can to ensure that our brands are not a cause of harm in society. Second, if misuse persists, campaigns against the promotion and sale of alcohol beverages may follow, potentially affecting our business. For these compelling reasons, we work to find a responsible, sustainable place for the moderate enjoyment of our brands in Nigeria.

Our consumer understanding and marketing skills, developed and proven in promoting our brands, are also employed to champion responsible drinking.

You can find out more from our dedicated website which gives people a breakdown of nutritional and alcohol content of their favourite Guinness Nigeria and Diageo drinks, as well as ingredient information.